Tautavel, living in Europe before Neanderthal - Tangerine Productions

Tautavel, living in Europe before Neanderthal

A movie by Emma Baus, 2024

Documentary, 90'

Before the time of the Neanderthals, between 560,000 and 400,000 BC, there were already human beings living on French soil. They survived ice ages and intense climatic shifts. They had to adapt to ever - evolving prey - and predators. They continued like this for hundreds of thousands of years, raising their children, without even apparently having mastered fire...

They came from Africa, these Homo heidelbergensis, ancestors of the Neanderthals, and they gradually colonised Europe. Now more than ever, scientists are lifting the veil on this mysterious, fascinating and largely unknown period. From Italy to Spain, from England to Germany, the traces these early humans left are being studied by archaeologists in order to reveal their secrets.

Let’s go back in time 500,000 years to discover the hitherto unknown history of whole other kind of humanity: Homo heidelbergensis, the very first inhabitants of the European continent!
A film written and directed by
Emma Baus
Edmond Carrère
Fabrice Gerardi
Original music
Samuel Safa
Graphic design
Les Fées Spéciales
Produced by
Anne Labro
Coproduced by
Eric Dufour (Minimum Moderne)
Scientific advisor
Amélie Vialet
With the participation of
France Télévisions, du CNC, de la Procirep-Angoa, de Ushuaïa TV, de la région Occitanie, et de Cap Sud 66.
Tautavel, living in Europe before Neanderthal - Tangerine Productions