When Oceans Threaten Cities - Tangerine Productions

When Oceans Threaten Cities

A movie by Laurence Thiriat, 2022

Documentary, 90'

Devastating hurricanes, torrential rains, the inexorably rising waters : coastal megacities are now up against the wall. We have chosen 3 emblematic cities : New York, Singapore and Rotterdam. Cities that each face unique problems and must revisit their relationship with water in order to survive on the long run. In 50 years, all surge barriers in the world will be out of order. What solutions will then remain for coastal cities?
A film by
Laurence Thiriat & Thomas Marlier
Directed by
Laurence Thiriat
In coproduction with
Composite Films
Hervé Glabeck
Sound Recording
Nicolas Mazet, Charlotte Comte, Julius Toh Jie Hao, Hervé Glabeck
Audrey Maurion
Original Music
Siegfried Canto
Archive Researcher
Laure Régnier
Scientific Advisor
Angélique Melet
With the participation of France Télévisions, CNC, Procirep-Angoa, Ushuaïa TV In Association with EarthxTV
Broadcasted on Earth X, RTBF, SRC Canada, RAI 3, RSI, SFDRS (Switzerland), Odisea, RTV Slovenia et TV Slovak, SRTV Roumanie, Ceska TV, and TVP (Poland).
When Oceans Threaten Cities - Tangerine Productions