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Food Fraud, an organised crime?

A movie by Bénédicte Delfaut, 2021

Documentary, 70'

Around the world a new type of crime is being carried out and it goes right to the heart of what we eat. Food fraud is a highly lucrative criminal enterprise that affects a huge range of products.
Criminal syndicates are infiltrating the global food suply chain, undermining the ability of consumers to trust what is on the label and what ends up on their plate.
Scams range from the intentional mislabelling of inferior products in order to pass them off as premium items, to the substitution of one food stuff for something else entirely.
Regulators are struggling to keep up with this burgeoning underground business which risks undermining the reputation of whole industries.
In this fascinating film, international food investigators show the many and varied scams they have uncovered and who is behind them.
From the olive groves of Italy to the fish markets of France and the abattoirs of Poland, this film takes you on a culinary journey of a very different kind.
A film by
Bénédicte Delfaut
Written in collaboration with
Patrick Benquet
In coproduction with
Composite Films
Hervé Glabeck, Christophe Trarieux, Tom Vantorre
Fabrice Salinié
Original Music
Julien Deguines
Archive Researcher
Charlotte De Luppé
Commentaire dit par
Micky Sebastian
With the participation of France Télévisions, Procirep-Angoa , CNC, Région Ile de France, département de la Charente, RTS, RTBF and Public Sénat.
Broadcasted on ABC (Four Corners), NHK, RSI, Radio Canada, TG4, YLE, RTVE, RTHK, Ceska TV, RTVS
Winner of TV Award CineEco Seia (Portugal)
Official Selection HumanDoc Documentary Film Festival (Poland), Festival du Film Vert (Swiss), Matsalu Nature Film Festival (Estonia).
Food Fraud, an organised crime? - Tangerine Productions